Quickies! Susan Boyle Has Been Through A Lot

  • After being thrust into the limelight, Susan Boyle has experienced a tumultuous seven weeks. But even as she sits in a mental institution, she claims she has no regrets. [CNN] — The lady can sing, but we’re afraid she’s not quite built for fame.
  • Kate Gosselin wasn’t born with her infamous streak hairdo. Check out what she looked like before the oversized fam and publicity. [Pop Eater]
  • Thanks to Mr. Obama, knocking knuckles has become the new American pastime — today is National First Bump Day. [She’s So Ghetto]
  • As we assumed, “new and improved: Spencer was, well, anything but new and improved. This morning he called Audrina “a ho.” [TMZ] — Oh, Spencer, what a good Christian you are.
  • Whether you love cats or you hate them, you are bound to find this video delightful. [HuffPo] — How. Cute. Is. That.