Sexist Principal Mandates “Pants For Boys, Dresses For Girls!”

Chelsea Sarvis, a senior at South Carolina’s Chapin High School, wants to wear pants to her graduation. But according to Principal Mike Satterfield (surprise, surprise, it’s a male), unless she wears a dress, she won’t be attending. That’s right—if she doesn’t conform to what I thought were antiquated stereotypes and flaunt a “feminine” frock, she won’t be able to go to her own graduation.
“If girls are uncomfortable with their bodies like I am […] I just don’t see why [they] have to wear dresses,” said the senior. Well, Chelsea, I don’t either. Comfortable with your bod or not, you have the right to wear—and rock—some slacks.

But Satterfield tries (and in my eyes, fails,) to argue otherwise. “It’s certainly appropriate to ask young ladies to wear a dress […] and young men to wear slacks, a shirt, and a tie,” he said. “If a young man showed up in flip-flops and shorts, and said I want to walk, we’d say, no you can’t.”

Excuse me, Mr. Satterfield, but please don’t equate my coveted BCBG dress pants with flip-flops and shorts. Women’s trousers can be just as crisp—and appropriate—as men’s. This poor girl isn’t asking to dress in beach-wear, she’s just asking to be comfortable (and still classy) at her own graduation. I don’t think that’s too much to ask!