OctoMom Vs. Kate Gosselin: Bikini Pictures Torn to Pieces

In a fight between OctoMom and Kate Gosselin, we’re not sure who’d win. And sadly, it looks like it might be coming to that. Today, the war between the women with way too many kids reached a fever pitch. In February, Kate appeared on “Dr. Phil” and had some not-so-nice words to say about Nadya. Today, Nadya fired back. In a brand new interview with Radar Online (trust me, you’ll want to watch), she lashed out at Kate for getting a tummy tuck, for looking too much like a box (huh?), and for being desperate for attention. Pot, meet kettle. In the video, Nadya’s shown photos of Kate Gosselin wearing a bikini. “How long until we see you sporting a bikini and walking along on the sandy shores like Kate Gosselin?” the interviewer asked.

Nadya responded, “Honestly, I’m not as attention seeking. Probably never.” Also, when asked about the need to have a tummy tuck after carrying a zillion children, Suleman said, “I don’t need to, there’s nothing to tuck.” Nadya did go on to point out that while Kate gave birth five years ago, she only gave birth four months ago. “Would she [Kate] have taken this [picture] in a bikini four months after giving birth? No.” Good point, but for someone claiming that she’s not seeking attention, ripping up Kate’s photos seems a bit dramatic.

This feud won’t be ending anytime soon. Octomom will soon be taking to the small screen airwaves in the UK with her own reality show. How much do you want to bet that some promoter somewhere is desperately trying to book a cage match between these two ladies.