Modern Romeos And Juliets Can Proclaim Vows In Verona

Bring your own Romeo to this 13th century Veronese mansion and you could feel as romantic as Shakespeare’s most famous couple. Verona’s town council is now allowing couples to get married on the balcony of the Capello family mansion. It’s believed that the Capellos were the Capulets in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, so lovers across the world have flocked to this mansion to scrawl love vandals on its walls. The privilege of exchanging vows isn’t as costly as Romeo and Juliet’s fatal love affair, but it isn’t cheap either. Non-European lovers can expect to pay nearly 900 euros, or about $1,288. Soccer star Luca Ceccarelli and his Juliet, er… bride were the first to take advantage of this new wedding venue. “I feel very emotional. You know, marriage always gives strong emotions especially in a situation like this,” said Ceccarelli to Reuters before he and his bride exchanged rings. “We hope that this bring us a lot of luck.”

Hopefully, the Ceccarellis and any other couple that gets married at this mansion won’t end up committing suicide like Juliet and Romeo did in one of the most overrated tragedies of all time.