Johnny Depp And Other Celebs Who Jet To Their Own Private Islands

Holy hotness—Johnny Depp is on the cover of Vanity Fair that’s coming out tomorrow. And this dude really can’t get enough of the Caribbean. After filming three movies there, in 2004, he decided to buy his own private island in the Bahamas. Depp and his family bask in the sun on Little Hall’s Pond Cay Island, which has six beaches. Three are named after members of Johnny’s family, another is called “Brando,” and yet another is “Gonzo” after his idol and friend, Hunter S. Thompson. Johnny likes to keep things in the family. His 156-foot yacht is dubbed Vajoliroja—a word made-up of syllables of his family’s names.

Interestingly, many celebs own private islands. I guess they need somewhere paparazzi-free to escape from all the parties, premieres, and their own fabulousness? Here are a few celebs that sunbathe in solitude.

  • Mel Gibson ventures to the Fiji islands to chill out, unwind, and avoid DUIs. Gibson bought Mago Island for $15 million in 2005 from a Japanese company. Unfortunately, Gibson had his own rumble in the jungle when a local tribe claimed the island was part of their ancestral homeland. Don’t they know about finder’s keepers?
  • Rocker Tommy Lee bought a Dubai island to spend time with then-wife, Pam Anderson, and their kids. The island is part of a group of 300 islands shaped like the world. Because he’s part Greek, Lee bought the island that represented his homeland.
  • Lenny Kravitz goes to the Bahama to vacay, too. He has an island within the Eleuthera chain of the Caribbean islands.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio gets green off the coast of Belize at his own private island.
  • Robin Williams chills out up north on his private island in Pender Harbor, British Colombia. It’s just a spitting distance from Gene Hackman’s personal island. Wonder if they send each other messages in bottles?

Yeah, being a celebrity must be hard.