DIY Wedding Overload

Dear Brides and Brides-to-be,

Seriously, has it really come to this? Are some of you actually growing your own salads for your wedding receptions now? And if you aren’t, the Telegraph thinks you should. In a series called “Grow Your Own Wedding,” the newspaper published an article today that laid out what to sow and grow and mix together, from “Ruben Lettuce” to, I kid you not, fennel bulbs, to create your own perfect wedding day salad. Thank God I’m keeping my engagement short and getting married next month, because I don’t think I could possibly stand another half a year of this silliness. Everywhere I turn to for ideas or advice, I’m completely inundated with this DIY crap. Look, I get that it can be fun to get all crafty and put your own personal stamp on your BIG, SPECIAL DAY, but I have to draw the line at lining my RSVP envelopes and growing my own fennel, and maybe you should to.I know, I know — far be it from me to tell you how to spend your time and money planning your wedding that I’m not even invited to and have nothing at all invested in. Fair enough. But could you at least stop talking about it so much — and, you know, pointing out every little thing that you’re DIY’ing? The thing is, no one really cares if you grew your own lettuce or bought it at a farmers’ market. And also, you’re kind of deluding yourself a little. It’s not the stuff you make that gives your wedding a personal touch, it’s the people you include. It’s the words exchanged, the promises made, and the moments you stop and memorize exactly how you’re feeling so you can recall them on rainy afternoons or years later when so much else has faded.

Maybe I’m just concerned some of you are getting a little too swept up in the glamour of creating the perfect day and the perfect way to impress people and show how clever and creative you are. And I guess that’s not the worst thing in the world, but if I hear one more bride brag about lining her wedding party gift bags with vintage wallpaper she found on eBay, well, that just might be.

Best regards,


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