Crave: Tord Boontje Charm Necklace

You may know the name Tord Boontje from those lamps made from bendy metal cutouts of flowers and leaves. (Pronouncing the name? That’s a different story.)

The Dutch designer has now created wearable art with a collection of laser-cut necklaces for Artecnica. Mirroring the style of Boontje’s lamp casings, the interchangeable charms allow you to mix and match designs of birds, flowers, deer, and other nature imagery. Pick from four packets which each have three different charms in either sterling silver or 18-karat gold. We recommend layering to get that mangled yet whimsical look Boontje is so famous for. And we promise you won’t look like you’re wearing a lampshade. [$22 and up, Tord Boontje,]