Beauty Tips For Daytime Weddings

If you show up at a daytime wedding caked in makeup with a prom-style updo, you’re going to look like a moron. There, we said it. Daytime weddings aren’t always casual, but they’re definitely more chill than nighttime weddings. Your hair and makeup should match the minimal-fuss attitude of the event. After the jump, we tell you how to get model Jacquetta Wheeler’s smartly laid-book look.The Hair: It’s nearly summer, meaning you’re about to be sweatingexcuse me, glistening—like a beast. Keep that in mind when planning your hair style, particularly if the wedding is taking place outdoors. (No one wants princess curls falling sloppily all over your face.) A simple updo like the one pictured above is pretty, easy, and a welcome break from long hair that may not fare so well in the heat.

  1. To get the look, blow out your hair completely haphazardly. You don’t want super-straight perfection. Volume and a bit of wave are totally welcome.
  2. The easiest way to create body at the root is to spray a volumizer (like this one from Aveda) when your hair is wet.
  3. Blow dry at the roots while flipping your hair against its natural part line for extra oomph.
  4. Once you’re dry, spritz hairspray onto your palms and run your hands through your hair from roots to ends. This will give your hair texture without making it stiff.
  5. If your hair is particularly straight, you’ll also want to use some styling wax (like Sumo Wax from Bumble and Bumble), working it into the roots.
  6. Now, all you have to do is gather it into a loose ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. If you want to be a little fancy, tie a ribbon around the rubber band.

The Makeup: Please, please do not wear full-face makeup to a daytime wedding.

  1. Instead of thick foundation, go with a tinted moisturizer like Laura Mercier’s, which also has light SPF.
  2. After applying the moisturizer sparingly, dab on under-eye brightener (like this one from Bobbi Brown) to squash any dark circles.
  3. If you get oily quickly, you may want to lightly apply a bit of sheer powder from NARS to keep the oil at bay without adding much weight to your face makeup.
  4. If you have a blush you wear regularly—like Orgasm from NARS, which is light and lovely—you get one swipe per cheek max.
  5. Now the eyes. Back away from the black liner and shadow that reaches up to your eyebrows. Apply a light base layer color like Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion in champagne, extending the color just above the crease in your lid and then blending with a finger.
  6. And instead of dark, heavy liner, pick up a liner in charcoal gray or fawn brown, apply it above the lash line and then smudge with your finger or a Q-tip.
  7. For lips, make it easy on yourself by choosing a semi-sheer gloss in light pink or near nude. T. LeClerc gloss in Rouge Cerise is a great sheer pink and M.A.C’s Tinted Lip Glass in Virgin Kiss or Nymphette are nude and shiny.
  8. For on the spot touch-ups, always have oil-absorbing sheets and lip gloss on hand. If you find yourself in a shiny-skin spot with no oil absorbers, toilet seat covers actually work the same way. Weird, we know.

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