Seven Reasons Why Going To A Wedding Without A Date Rocks

Simcha, Kate, what’s the big deal in going to a wedding sans date? I’ve gone to several weddings solo, and it never occurred to me that I should: A) feel offended that my invitation didn’t include a “plus one,” or that B) I should feel the least bit insecure that I didn’t have a “plus one” to invite anyway. One of the weddings I went to solo was shortly after a bad breakup in which I found myself truly single for the first time in several years, and it was for a snotty cousin who was five years younger than I and who positively delighted in “beating” me to the altar. But, so what? I had plenty of family to catch up with, enough cute boys to smile at, and an open bar to make even the most mundane of weddings tolerable. And even if I had thought to invite a guest (and had gotten the okay from the couple), I can’t imagine a more awkward date than dragging some poor guy I was just getting to know to a boring wedding (and come on, they’re all mostly boring) where he’d be forced to schmooze with my entire extended family and answer questions about when he planned to put a ring on it. Sure, the alternative meant being questioned about my single status, but I doubt any of the old ninnies who pressed me about it really spent more than a few minutes worrying about the state of my love life. After the jump, the seven reasons you’re better off going to a wedding without a date.

  1. Think of all the other dateless cuties you’ll get to flirt (and maybe more) with.
  2. Less time making introductions, more time drinking!
  3. Seriously, don’t you know how many people hook-up at weddings?
  4. The statistics are crazy!
  5. More cake for you.
  6. You won’t be pestered at the next family gathering about “whatever happened to that nice boy you brought to so-and-so’s wedding?”
  7. More reason to snicker at all the unhappy couples forced to slow dance awkwardly.

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[Photo: iStockphoto]