Men Tip More To Waitresses Who Wear Makeup

The outside world is more like a Hooters restaurant than you previously thought: a new study says that men are more likely to tip a waitress if she looks pretty wearing makeup.

Researchers studied the tips received by two waitresses from 186 male and 98 female customers. Only one third of the dudes left a tip if the waitress wore a bare, makeup-less face. (Cheap bastards!) But after a beautician applied makeup to the servers, the number of men who tipped flew up to 51 percent. Not to mention that the size of the tips rose 25 percent. Hmm, it brings new meaning to the term “makeup tips,” doesn’t it?Since the number of tips and the tip size from female customers didn’t increase much at all, it’s fair to assume men tipped the ladies more when they looked quote-un-quote prettier. However, this notion confused us ladies in the Frisky offices. “But men don’t like makeup!” insisted one Frisk-ette. “They do, but only if it doesn’t look like she’s wearing makeup,” countered another.

A British psychologist has her own theory: women look younger when they wear makeup, especially if they have done up their eyes to emphasize the roundness or their lips to emphasize their fullness. Thus, guys are compelled to flash their cash and show they can be good providers. “[Women who look young] make men feel they need to be masculine and tipping, providing for this need, does that rather well,” explained Ingrid Collins from the London Medical Center.

In any case, whatever psychological stuff is going on is probably so ingrained in men’s heads that we doubt there’s anything we can do to change it. The good news is, if you serve food for a living and you suck at your job, swipe on some lipstick and maybe you’ll start bringing in more dough. [Daily Mail]