Twitter Wants To Know What You Consider #GoodSex

The latest Twitter trend topic, after #3wordsaftersex, is #goodsex, where users tweet what they consider to be hot and heavy between the sheets. Ten of our faves, after the jump — tweet, er, leave yours in the comments! 1. …is when ur tongue is tired….. and so is she…
2. …is a new wash and set or weave.
3. …is when you finished… and fall asleep while still in the p***y…
4. …is when she dig a chunk of skin out ya back.
5. …is when both of y’all ain’t even got the strength to get up and get a towel or somethin’. Air dry.
6. …is better when you do it yourself.
7. …is when you’re not twitterin’ about it, you’re in the bed recuperating. guess some people didn’t get any last nite.
8. …is when you find out she double jointed.
9. …is when even the neighbors need a cigarette.
10. …makes yo dick extra ashy because that thang so wet.

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