Adíos, Tan Lines! Tan-Through Swimsuits Allows Your Whole Body To Bake

I’ve never really understood all the hoopla with tan lines because everyone has had some at some point, and we all know what causes them. But manufacturer Kiniki has developed a solution to all the maneuvering that goes into line-free tanning on a non-nude beach. Swimsuits in the Tan Through line are made of Transol yarn, a synthetic material with tiny holes similar to a fishing net. The holes allow about 80-percent of sunlight to pass through to reach the skin. The fabric is see-through when held up to the light, but when worn, the patterned or brightly-colored fabric supposedly plays tricks on the eye so the wearer’s modesty is protected. Kiniki offers Tan Through one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and wraps for women, and briefs, hipsters, and tangas for men, for a price range of £17.43 to £34.68 (about $28 to $57).

Chances are that if a man is ballsy (heh) enough to wear a tanga in public, why not just go one step further and take it all off. As for the ladies, I think these crazy-patterned, high-leg suits are just too reminiscent of Hollywood Beach-in-Miami-circa-1991 to be pulled of stylishly here in the 21st-Century. Oh yeah, and aren’t UV rays way bad for you? I think we need more sun protection for better skin, not less clothing for bad skin…and bad fashion. [The Daily Mail]