Star Couplings: Lady Gaga Wants To Do The Jonas Brothers

  • Lady Gaga told the Daily Star she’d like to have a foursome with the Jonas Brothers. [Dlisted] — She’d probably scare them away from sex forever if she were their first.
  • The brother of Jon Gosselin’s alleged mistress is selling the bed she and Jon got busy on. [Perez Hilton] — The Hummel family is so classy! First, Deanna hooks up with a married man with eight children. Then, her brother sells the story and anything else of hers he can get his hands on. Too bad he didn’t fish through the trash to get the used condom.
  • Evan Rachel Wood was spotted making out with actor Shane West at Tao in Las Vegas. [NY Post]
  • A judge has appointed Peter Falk’s wife Shera conservatorship for the ailing actor. His adopted daughter, who had been battling for control of his affairs, will have bi-monthly visits. [E! Online] — I’m not up on Falk’s situation, but I think I’d like to see my father more than twice a month if he was sick.
  • Nicole Kidman, a mother of three, shot down reports that she is looking to adopt again. [OK! Magazine]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt said she would like to be engaged again, this time to boyfriend Jamie Kennedy, by this time next year. Jamie, who was not happy about recent engagement rumors, might have other plans. [Us Magazine]