Our New Favorite Show: “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here”

Um, did you guys see “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” last night? If not, I’m really sorry because it was, in a word, amazing. Sanjaya from “American Idol” got chased by bees. Frangela, the hilarious duo from “Best Week Ever” who’ve been absent from my life for months now, are cast members. Also completely preposterous, the presence of Rod Blagojevich’s wife and Janice Dickinson. I hope they’ll be besties by the end of the season.

But the real story is, of course, Heidi and Spencer. Heidi cried a lot. And after finding out that, at some point, they’d have to take turns emptying the group’s PortaPotty, Spencer stormed off and gave us this sparkling gem:

“I’m too rich and I’m too famous to be sitting with these people and cleaning up their s**t in the jungle, my man. And this cast is devaluing our fame right now. I’m sitting next to VH1 comedians that I have never even seen before… I thought it was gonna be all celebrities.”

Upon returning to camp, this happened:

Spencer, if I rewire the connections in your brain, will you become a less deranged humanoid? You think Frangela is devaluing fame? Let’s pretend you are actually a celebrity and you decide to leave the show. Then your gorgeous blonde beard spokes will be absent from TV screens across the nation until “The Hills” starts airing again in fall, so all on your own, you’re devaluing your stock. So let Frangela keep making jokes about you for the rest world to enjoy. Capiche?

You may have missed last night, but don’t make the same mistake tonight, tomorrow, or well, almost every day this month—the show will be airing four times a week. Who needs a social life, anyway?

UPDATE: Oh noes! TMZ is reporting that Speidi has officially walked off the set. Boooooo! Will they be replaced? I vote for Khloe and Kourtney Kardasian. – Editor