Katie Couric Makes Princeton Grads Go “HaHa”

Katie Couric gave the Class Day address at Princeton University yesterday, and was the first female to do so! We don’t understand why the old ivy has never before invited a lady, but we’re glad Katie was there to offer her witty insights. She joked about some notorious male Princeton grads, poked a little fun at Sarah Palin’s odd remarks, and gave amusing thoughts about post-college life. She also warned to “please excuse some of the racier jokes – I was encouraged to be saucy and sassy!” No excuses necessary, Katie, we think you’re fabulous. After the jump, some of Couric’s best lines:

“I have discovered I am the first female Class Day speaker in Princeton’s history. OMG, WTF [Thanks for the LOL]”

“When Princeton called to invite me I was thrilled […] Coming here was a real no brainer! After all, I can see New Jersey from my house!”

“And topping off the list [of male Princeton grads], there’s former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Given his status as client number nine, it seems particularly fitting that he’s a graduate of ‘Woody Woo.'”

“There may be some opportunities [for jobs] in the Republican Party. They’re still looking for an effective spokesman, and the only person they can find so far is Rush Limbaugh — and he won’t take the job because he doesn’t want to give up his prescription plan.”