A Mom Coaxs Her Teens Into Armed Robberies

You may think your mother is bad, but this mama takes the cake. No really, she probably took it. Arizona mother Cynthia Robertson has been charged with masterminding 20 cases of armed robbery and aggravated assault in Phoenix, Arizona. How did mama Robertson do it? She used her bad financial situation and unemployment to guilt her two young sons, ages 12 and 14, and their friends into robbing people. Seriously, I know the economy sucks, but geez. The crew roughed up people and took their cash. Robertson drove the getaway car in each of the 20 robberies, and one victim reported seeing a sawed off gun in the mom’s possession. (What would Parenting Magazine say?) Fortunately, the kids are now separated from their thief of a mother, but both sons will be charged. The 12-year-old son is in custody of Child Protective Services and the 14-year-old son is being held in juvenile jail along with two of the friends. Oh yeah, and did I mention one of the victims who was beaten was a 13-year-old boy only had an orange lollipop in his pocket? [MSNBC]