Thank Heaven For Little Girls—And The Perverted Brits Who Love Them

Sasha is a 34A. Kayla’s a 32C. Kristi’s a 32D.

Sasha, Kayla and Kristi are ages 13, 14 and 16, respectively. And they’re all vying for the title Miss Teen Queen U.K.

Miss Teen Queen U.K. is a “Hot Or Not”-style online beauty pageant which some are criticizing for it’s Lolita-esque practices. The teen girls’ bra sizes are posted up on the pageant site along with their shoe and dress sizes, plus some pictures that often look straight out of a Maxim photo shoot. For example, 14-year-old Rebecca lies on her back, wearing a short black dress and dark nail polish, high heeled legs up against the wall, gazing into the camera. We feel icky just looking at her. According to Miss Teen Queen U.K.’s web site, “each month, 100 girls will be photographed and the chosen girls will then appear here on our web site and will be put up for a public vote.” To vote, readers text the first and last name of their favorite girl to a number on the site. A “finals” competition will take place in August.

Hmm, sexually provocative photos on the Internet of girls who can’t even drive yet? Doesn’t this sound like every parent’s worst nightmare?

As if! Some parents just aren’t a bit fazed. The Daily Mail U.K. spoke to Jane Shelley, the mother of Tayla Shelley, a 13-year-old on Miss Teen Queen U.K.’s site, who says kids these days are just growing up faster and the sexualization of adolescent girls can’t be avoided. “I have to accept that however appealing it may sound, the old-fashioned way in which I was bought up is no longer realistic,” Shelley told the Daily Mail.

Well, that’s just a huge pile of crap. Adolescent girls have always been sexualized—wasn’t Shakespeare’s Juliet supposed to be only 12 or 13?—but teenagers aren’t just skipping the psychological stage of adolescence now, like Tayla’s mom seems to think.

It’ll be awful if any of these girls end up being harassed by creeps after appearing on Miss Teen Queen U.K.’s site. But already, I feel bad for some of these girls who have clueless parents.