Style Stealer: Kate Bosworth’s Little Denim Vest

Kate Bosworth showed up at the airport yesterday for a flight to London, and she looked better than we do, even on a good outfit day. A fancy skirt and a gray T-shirt is one of our favorite combos, but it was Kate’s denim vest that really caught our eye. We’d long thought this hard-to-pull-off piece belonged only in the closets of people still stuck in the ’80s or — if it’s really tight and worn with nothing underneath — loose women. Kate’s denim vest is neither dated nor trashy, and it adds a little toughness to an otherwise tender outfit.

  1. Lesley Denim Vest, $34.50, Delia’s
  2. Pins and Needles Patchwork Denim Vest, $19.99 on sale, Urban Outfitters
  3. Denim Vest, $29.90 on sale, Levi’s
  4. Mink Pink Denim Vest, $75, Pixie Market
  5. Current/Elliot The Seam Stretch Denim Vest, $238, Nordstrom
  6. Denim Vest, $22, Charlotte Russe