Jon & Kate Plus A Sweatshop?

First came the sordid affairs, then the looming divorce, and now a possible lawsuit? The Pennsylvania Department of Labor is looking into claims that the Jon and Kate Gosselin are violating child labor laws by having their lil’ army of kids work 40 weeks out of the year.

While we don’t exactly know if being themselves in front of camera crews constitutes as “work,” people are pretty up in arms about the situation. After the jump, the onslaught begins.

  • Bonnie Fuller said on the The Huffington Post:

    “Have Jon and Kate Gosselin invented a new form of 21st century child abuse? I’d say so. They’re a real life ‘Truman Show’ with eight voiceless victims.”

    You know it’s really serious when a rag mag maven cares about someone’s privacy.

  • Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin Krieder, Kate Gosselin’s brother and sister-in-law, claimed on CBS’s Early Show:

    “The kids are being exploited. Kids on movie and professional TV sets are subject to child labor laws. Children in reality shows are NOT.”

    Not a good sign when your own family thinks you’re whack.

  • Star reported this disturbing anecdote in their June 8th issue:

    “8-year-old Mady had a meltdown as Jon tried to leave the house to run errands. She screamed that she didn’t want Jon to leave her, that she didn’t want to stay with her mom.”

    Apparently TLC’s cameras caught the whole tragic scene, but decided not to air it. Thank you, TLC. That is not my idea of entertainment.

Here’s hoping that the Gosselin sweatshop will soon be closed for business. Oh and please…OctoMonster, learn from this experience and stop working on your reality show now, before it’s too late. [Us Weekly]