Ruffles, Rhinestones, And Synthetic Silk: Bridesmaid Dress Horror Stories

When you’re a bridesmaid, everything is supposed to be about making the bride’s life easier, making the day go smoothly, blah, blah, blah. Know what it’s really all about? The dress. While a classic dress in a nice color shouldn’t be too much to ask for, bridesmaids generally end up covered in heinously colored ruffles, walking down the aisle in mild shame and kind of wishing for death. The madness must stop! Matching dresses and rhinestones of any kind need to be banned immediately. Not yet convinced? Check out these bridesmaid dress horror stories, and you too will dedicate yourself to the cause.

“I have a friend who’s super self-conscious and is always asking if her body looks shapeless. I don’t know if it was intentional or subconscious, but when wedding time came around, she picked out dresses that were essentially olive-green tents. Talk about shapeless.” —Minara

“The hands-down worst bridesmaid dress I’ve ever been subjected to was pink, yellow, and covered in ruffles. It looked like a clown had vomited.” —Laura

“My best friend got married last year and put us all in bright-pink bubble-shaped dresses. Any pedophiles in the audience must have been all over that one.” —Nelli

“My worst bridesmaid dress wasn’t even that ugly. But the wedding was really last minute (if you know what I mean) and the bride guessed our sizes, bought the dresses and presented them to us the morning of. It would have been a sweet gesture if we hadn’t all been squeezed into dresses two sizes too small.” —Jenny

“I’m having traumatic stress flashbacks just thinking about this. If you’d seen the bright-green, ’80s-style puffy dress I had to wear once, you’d know that I’m not exaggerating.”—Ginette

“It wasn’t bad enough that the bride made us wear dresses of shiny pink lace, we all had to wear tiaras.” —Linda

“I was lookin’ like a hoochie mama at my friend’s Vegas wedding. Girl made us all get tight white mini-dresses that the groomsmen liked a little too much.” —Zula

“Puke green does not look good on anyone. Neither does synthetic silk and rhinestones.” —Sandra

“I will never get over the bridesmaids dresses my sister made us wear when she got married. Not ever. She’s always been a bit eccentric, but full African tribal ceremony wear at an Irish Catholic wedding was pushing it, even for her.” —Colleen

“One friend made me wear a too-shiny baby blue dress covered in crystals and paired with a corsage. We all looked like we were going to a really tacky prom.” —Chloe

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