Ask The Astrosexologist: My Gemini Girlfriend Won’t Get Intimate

“I’m a Libra woman (10/01/85) dating a Gemini woman (05/30/86). We started as friends, but then developed an attraction to each other. I’m a lesbian, but she made all the first moves, even though she identified as straight. She introduced herself, gave me her phone number, invited me over, asked me to be her girlfriend, etc. I feel like I can’t trust her because she has a lot of guy ‘friends,’ some are closer then others. When I try to get intimate with her, she pulls away and says, ‘If I let you, that’s when things will get crazy and I’ll want you all the time.’

I’m a virgin and I feel like she is having sex with other people. I tried talking to her about it, but she says it’s not all about sex. She always talks about herself and hardly anyone knows we’re together. I like her a lot, but I feel she could care less, though she claims to. I’m lost. Help!” – Lost LibraBack away from the mind-f**k and take a deep breath. The red flags are glaringly obvious. You are a Libra, the ruler of relationships and a hopeless romantic. You fall in love easily and you have a seamless way of ignoring all the things you don’t want to see, to maintain a happy point of view. Of course, when s**t hits the fan, like in your current situation, you do take that step back to look at the big picture — but often, you still only see what you want to see. Plus, you have a Taurus moon, which adds to the emotional stubbornness, and Mars and Venus in Virgo, which makes you a pro at scrounging up reasons to try harder. Yes, you are born under signs that all love to work for love, but often miss the point that what you are working towards should always be as valuable your efforts. That is not the situation you are currently in.

Enter, your lover —a Gemini sun and Pisces moon, two signs that are coy in love and play mind games at Olympics levels. However, once in love, they go to the extreme. If they aren’t there, then don’t trust it. Gemini and Pisces are the signs of duality and they don’t mess around once they’re into someone. They are very easy to read in that way, as there are no grey areas. The problem is they do 180s in their personalities very easily, like this one has done with you. When they do, it is often not worth it to wait around for the return of the person you once knew, because it generally never happens. Even if it did somehow turn around and she would put out or even show hints of being really into you, there would always be that ambiguity. The best bet is to really see this girl for who she is and what she can bring to you, in terms of solid and positive love — which is not much.

With combative forces in your partnership house until June 7th, this is the perfect time to start weaning yourself off this dead-end tryst. After all, you know who you are and what you want — a girl that loves you and wants to be done right. This summer, the real romance can begin, as you have some hot aspects heading into your house of sex. While that isn’t true love, it will get you feeling charged and invigorated for October, when the love planets will fall into place. However, if you want to play with the universe properly, it’ll mean doing your part too, and presenting your best to the forces that be. Start this by losing the emotional anchor that is dragging you down.

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