The Best Après-Sun Products

Feeling the burn? Good. Getting burned? Bad. And yet, it happens each summer even when you’re being careful (and usually with the most embarrassing tan-lines possible). For a quick refresher in sun safety: maximize your sunscreen’s efficacy by applying a 30+ to your skin before you go outside, and then another coat 20 minutes or so after, reapplying every few hours. Sadly, we’re human, and often slip up on this regime. Here, some after-sun products to help ease your pain and get you back to looking hot and not scorched:

  1. Korres’s Yoghurt Cooling Gel does in fact have yogurt in it, which hydrates skin and cools the stinging effects of a burn. Some users refrigerate the product to maximize coldness. [$23.50, Sephora]
  2. A traditional aloe vera gel form will do the minimum to help healing, but the trick is to get one laced with Lidocaine, a topical anesthetic. For those chronically burned, it’s best to go budget with this inexpensive Rite Aid brand to make your product last. [$4.29,]
  3. Decléor’s Aromaessence After-Sun Balm includes a blend of essential oils that soothes sensitive skin for longer periods of time. With reparative action, you’ll also help prevent the inevitable initial peeling situation that comes après-burn. [$50,]