10 Reasons We’re Looking Forward To Tonight’s MTV Movie Awards

In case you aren’t an MTV watcher and haven’t already been subjected to 90 millions promos for it, the MTV Movie Awards are coming at you tonight at 9pm EST. Since teens and 20-somethings are notoriously ADD, you know the network will be pulling out all the stops to keep us watching. Here are 10 reasons we’re looking forward to the show.

  1. The hour-long season finale of “The Hills” precedes it. Heidi and Spencer’s wedding! And Lauren is in attendance? And Kristin Cavellari catches the bouquet? We will be taking a shot everytime someone says “OMG” on Lauren’s final episode.
  2. Andy Samberg’s cute cowlicks.
  3. The trailer for “New Moon” will be premiering during the show. Hallelujah.
  4. The Best Movie category will be a dog race between old peoples’ fave “Slumdog Millionaire” and your 13-year-old niece’s choice “Twilight.”
  5. Denzel Washington, Cameron Diaz, Will Ferrell, Leighton Meester, Jonah Hill, and the Harry Potter kids (yes, I still consider them kids, though you’re allowed to have shirtless posters of Daniel Radcliffe in your room now) will all be presenting.
  6. Robert Pattinson. I’ll say that again. Robert Pattinson.
  7. The new category—Best WTF Moment. Nominees include Ben Stiller tasting a decapitated head (“Tropic Thunder”) and Amy Poehler peeing in a sink (“Baby Mama”). Should be interesting, to say the least.
  8. Funny guys Michael Cera and Jack Black.
  9. The Best Kiss nominees. I’ll watch that “Twilight” scene as many times as they want to show it.
  10. Please, oh please, let Andy and Justin Timberlake do a reprise of “Dick in a Box.”