Working Girl: How To Stay Sexy At The Office

Unless you are lucky enough to work at The Frisky, chances are, you have to tone down the fashion factor for your work wardrobe. Sadly corporate culture condemns otherwise stylish girls to hide their individual look and makes them and conform to Dr. Evil-esque suits. What is an adventuress girl stuck in a boring suit to do? Well…what your boss doesn’t see won’t hurt her. Here are a few ways to keep your fabulous fashionista under wraps until 5p.m.

  • Pubic Topiary: I must admit, I was quite shocked when a seriously high-powered but-very conservatively dressed woman told me about her obsession with her pubic topiary. Apparently, her job requires conservative hair, but a mousy brown bob majorly cramps her longing for a crazy ‘do. The solution: pimped-out pubic hair. Dye it, mold it, whatevs. We like the Just Kittying Kit, which comes with a variety of stencils so you can shape your kitty into whatever your little heart desires. [$39.95, Just Kittying]

  • Crazy-Colored Toenails: From black goth to action-hero blue, there’s something really rad about pairing unexpected polishes with her conservative work attire. [$6, Multi-Action Nail Polish in Plum Purple, Sephora]
  • Lingerie: Part of the sexiness surrounding lingerie is the surprise factor, and the reason that it is a surprise is that no one knows you are wearing it especially your colleagues. As long as you remember not to wear a white tee shirt, there is no reason you can’t keep the hot factor high with a colored bra or even a garter belt, if you dare. [$19.99, Very Sexy Demi Bra, Victoria’s Secret]
  • Smooth Skin: There are many reasons to moisturize, if only because alligator skin looks better on your bag than as your epidermis. As long as you are not showing too much skin, no one can blame you that your calves just happen to look amazingly smooth and irresistible. [$14.99, Cera Ve Moisturizing Cream,]