Rich Bitches—The Highest Paid Super Models

So it’s apparently not enough for these long-limbed, strikingly tall, highlighted-to-perfection and, let’s not forget, genetically-blessed women to be just supermodels known the world ’round. Now, they gotta go and pull in boatloads of green, too. And, according to the Forbes “World’s Top-Earning Model’s” list there is one object of my faux-hate in particular who made $25 million dollars in the last 12 months. Months, people! Who is she? Yeah, you guessed it, Gisele Bündchen. Oh, and she married Tom-freaking-Brady this past year as well. It’s been a rough 12 months for her, as you can tell. Who else made the list? Heidi Klum with $16 million per annum (thank you Vicky’s Secret, “Project Runway” and Germany’s “Next Top Model”), Kate Moss and her $8.5 mill last year and the number four highest paid was Adriana Lima taking home $8 million. The only American girl to make the list (well, she’s 35, she’s isn’t a girl exactly) is Carolyn Murphy who made $3 million and came in at number ten. [Forbes]