Trailer Park: “The Brothers Bloom,” “Up,” “Drag Me To Hell,” And “What Goes Up”

It’s officially summer. And in addition to wearing white, that means Big. Movies. Every. Weekend. This week, “The Brothers Bloom” brothers run one last kooky con, a crank goes up in the air, a mortgage broker goes to hell, and teenagers try to survive the ’80s in “What Goes Up.” So which should be your first multiplex stop? Read on to find out.

The Movie: “The Brothers Bloom”
The Trailer Hitch: Two brothers-in-crime embark on one last con in this quirky spoof of heist movies, brother movies, and movies with mouth-watering tourist scenery. Soundtracked with easy-breezy music, the brothers get the cash, get the girl, and maybe get duped by a weirdo heiress as they roam around the world taking in the sites in Prague, St. Petersburg, and a bunch of beautiful beaches.
The Verdict: In the tradition of Wes Anderson, this movie is full of casual class and oddball jokes, like a bomber who is “an artist in nitro.” This movie is a smaller, funnier “Ocean’s Eleven”—without the glam cast, but also without the enormous production budget weighing it down, so it can be light and fizzy as a soda. We loved Rian Johnson’s debut “Brick,” and we’re sure we’ll love this one too. Especially with Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo sharing the screen–yum!

The Movie: “Up”
The Trailer Hitch: From the studio that made you love robots, rats, and cars, comes a movie about a cranky old man stuck in a house. Luckily, he’s cranky in a way that makes you love him. He escapes earthly annoyances by flying away on a plume of 800 candy-colored balloons, having many adventures and (we suspect) a heart.
The Verdict” “Wall-E” melted our hearts, “Ratatouille” melted our mouths, and “Cars”—well, who’da thunk we’d have given a damn? Pixar has a wondrous way of finding inspiration in the mundane, and this flick looks to be no different: when the broken house sails into the cloud-spotted sky, aloft on a kite of balloons, I could’ve died.

The Movie: “Drag Me To Hell”
The Trailer Hitch: A nice everygirl—a you or a me—has the unfortunate job of working for a mortgage broker. When she forecloses on a gypsy beggarwoman, the not-so-nice old lady smotes her with a curse and then, well, all hell breaks loose.
The Verdict: With this movie, Sam Raimi of “Spiderman” fame returns to his first love, horror. Tapping into fears we all harbor in this crappo economy, Raimi reminds us why we all thought “The Evil Dead” was so brilliant. Also, this proves that trying to buy or sell a house nowadays really is a horror show.

The Movie: “What Goes Up”
The Trailer Hitch: It’s 1986, and goofy Steve Coogan is a deadbeat journalist who does what any down-and-out journo would do—hangs out with a bunch of teenagers. They just lost their favorite teacher, the same year that America lost its favorite teacher in the Challenger explosion. Life is hard, but music and fashion is good. Pool parties, pot-smoking, and lots of heart-to-hearts ensue.
The Verdict: It’s hard not to love a movie that reflects your life exactly as you remember it, especially when it stars Olivia Thrilby, who played the girl we wanted to be in both “Juno” and “The Wackness.” The plot might be totally confused and lost, but hey, so was high school.