Quickies!: Phil Spector Sentenced To 19 Years To Life

  • Music producer Phil Spector has been sentenced to 19 years to life in prison, after murdering model/actress Lana Clarkson. [E! Online] — Spector’s 27-year-old porn star wife says she will dedicate herself to proving his innocence. Good luck to her.
  • During a visit to on-again, off-again girlfriend Sam Ronson’s house, Lindsay Lohan’s loaned Maserati was towed.[TMZ] — At least she wasn’t drunk driving it, as usual.
  • Angelina suffered a minor injury while performing a stunt on the set of her upcoming film, “Salt.” [LA Times]
  • Britney Spears is being sued by Rick Mendoza, a photog she ran over in 2007. [TMZ]
  • Many celebs have more than themselves to thank for their success. Check out the famous pops who helped their little ones make it big.[Asylum]
  • A pro gay-marriage ad that warned “The mormons are coming!” has been stirring up controversy. [Tres Sugar] — Maybe Mormon Marie Osmond (who supports her gay daughter) can be the middle woman between the two groups.
  • Check out these cute not-so-short shorts. [College Candy] — You don’t have to bear your bottom to feel sexy this summer.
  • Christian Lacroix is filing for bankruptcy! The economy has apparently hit the designer hard, causing losses of about $14 million. [Fashionologie]—Christian, any time you want to start a bridge line we can afford, we’ll be there with plastic in hand to help out.
  • There will soon be more Scarlett Johansson eye candy coming to a billboard near you: the gorgeous actress is the new face of Mango, and the leaked shots so far show her in a bra and leopard prints. [Grazia]—Scarlett is definitely red hot.