Not Getting Hit On At Bars? Change The Way You Hold Your Glass

So many characteristics supposedly hint at your personality — from your hair color to your height. Now, a new study from psychologist Glenn Wilson (and sponsored by a chain of bars) says the way you hold your glass tells what kind of person you are.According to Wilson, there are eight different types of drinkers:

  1. The Flirt: holds glass with splayed fingers, perhaps running one along the rim
  2. The Wallflower: holds glass protectively, taking sips but never quite finishing the beverage (so she’ll have something to do if the convo gets awkward)
  3. The Ice Queen: keeps glass in front of her to show that she doesn’t want anyone bother her
  4. The Gossip: uses her glass to gesture, spilling a few drops along the way
  5. The Playboy: is very tactile with his drink, as he attempts to seduce whoever’s around
  6. The Fun-Lover: holds bottle (they usually drink from bottles, not glasses) loosely taking short swigs so as to always be able to insert a clever word into the conversation
  7. The Browbeater: holds his glass tightly while using it to aggressively gesture.
  8. The Jack The Lad: gestures with his glass, dominating as much space as possible

Body language, including how you hold your glass, can make you seem either more or less approachable, so pay attention to how you’re swiggin’ that chardonnay tonight! [Daily Mail]