Liquid Blush That Won’t Fade As It Heats Up

Enough heat and sweat will turn even the most thoughtfully-applied makeup into a hot mess. Before you know it, your blush is caking or sinking into your skin and you’ve got a mean case of skanky makeup and it’s only mid-day. Luckily, cream and liquid blush will resist the urge to slide all over your face, so add some to your makeup arsenal for easy summer beauty.

  1. Nars “The Multiple” face color stick in Orgasm. The texture is nice, not sticky and the name is both hilarious and aspirational. [$27, NARS, Sephora]
  2. Stila Convertible Color Lip and Cheek Compact in Petunia. Doubles as a light and fruity lip gloss, and it goes on super-light for the nice dewy effect. [$25, Stila, Amazon]
  3. Trish McEvoy Liquid Face Color. It only comes in one universally-flattering color, Peach, making it simple for you. Plus, it’s got a tiny bit of a shimmer, which is always a good thing. [$32, Trish McEvoy, Neiman Marcus]
  4. M.A.C Creme Blush in Uncommon is a subtle, go-to blush for hot days. If you want to tune it up some for night, just add an extra swipe. [$18, M.A.C]
  5. Tarte’s cheek stain liquid gel blush. This one’s been getting props since it was released a couple years back and we still stand by it. [$28, Tarte, Sephora]