Kelly Rowland Is No Heidi Klum

We are all going through major “Project Runway” withdrawal now that the show has been moved to Lifetime. Every episode of the thrown-together Bravo knock-off “The Fashion Show” is equivalent to a so-so episode of “Runway,” but the real nostalgia comes from the longing for “Runway”‘s host Heidi Klum. Here are the top four reasons why Kelly Rowland is no Heidi Klum.

  • Lame catch phrases: Heidi’s signature “auf wiedersehen” defies pronunciation and stupefies spell check, but it is short, snappy and to the point. Kelly’s “you’re still in the competition, but you’re hanging by a thread” is cringe-worthy bad. And the worst part is you know Ms. Thing didn’t even come up with that gem herself.

  • Personal style: “Project Runway” was all about the designers and their creations, but Heidi always looked fierce. Of course, it is easy to look pretty when you’re a supermodel, but each season Heidi donned a dramatic new look not for the fashion faint of heart. She fearlessly rocked heavy bangs and pregnancy. One episode might see her in a sequined mini and skinny jeans and a tee shirt. Kelly’s style on the show has been meh. She hasn’t made a fashion faux pas, but she hasn’t really made a splash either. The stylists pick out safe hairdos, blah makeup and pizazz-less dresses. For a show about fashion, shouldn’t she be on the cutting edge, or even the chopping block?
  • Experience: The only fashion experience Heidi and Kelly have in common is that they both wear clothes. Heidi, however, gets paid $16 million a year, graces magazine covers, and has worked the catwalk for over a decade. Kelly, “fashion icon” that she is, claims she is fit her role on “The Fashion Show” since, “I buy clothes, I’m a consumer, I love fashion, I know what looks good on. I have a pretty good eye…I can understand them wanting to put me in this show.” Thanks Kelly, glad to know at least this makes sense to someone.
  • Etiquette: Kelly probably is a very nice girl, but why is she always talking about the designers behind their backs? Didn’t her mother ever tell her it is not polite to gossip? At least “Gossip Girl” is anonymous. Heidi was frank, often brutally so, during runway judging, but when she was out of the judges chair, she kept her glossy lips shut. Kelly critiques the clothes during the creative process and then tells the camera what she thinks. Nice girls don’t judge prematurely and tell thousands of TV viewers.