How Good A Friend Should You Be To An Ex?

Last night, I found myself packing up my ex-boyfriend’s stuff in preparation for his move. He didn’t have anyone else willing to help, including friends and family, so he was doing it alone. My main reason for helping, obviously, was because after three months of separation, I missed him. We’ve talked occasionally, so it wasn’t like he had called me out of the blue and said, “Help me pack my s**t!”

Even though we hadn’t seen each other in a while, it still felt like we were friends when I saw him. Not being his girl anymore made it easier to deal with the bra (that wasn’t mine) I found in his drawer. To be fair, he warned me, saying that I might find some things I didn’t want to see. (I believe it was from a previous girlfriend long ago because it was all stretched out and I know he has better taste now.) During the packing process, I started to wonder whether I’m a pushover. He’s not my boyfriend anymore — was helping him with his move too nice a thing for an ex to do, or was I just being a good friend?

After the jump, instances when it’s okay to be good to an ex and when you’re being too nice to the jerk who broke your heart.

How Good A Friend Should You Be To An Ex?
Texting him on his birthday Throwing him a surprise birthday party
Emailing him links to job openings Updating his resume and writing cover letter
Returning a favorite shirt that he left at your place Doing his laundry and picking up his dry cleaning
Letting him take your extra sporting event ticket Buying him season tickets post-breakup
Helping him pick out a new suit Helping him pick out a new suit to wear on a date with his new crush
Walking his dog while he’s away for the weekend House sitting for a week while he sows his wild oats in Vegas
Not dishing about the breakup to his friends Pretending to be BFFs with his friend’s whiny girlfriend because she hates change