Anna Wintour Won’t Put Rihanna On A Vogue Cover After Leaked Nudie Photos

It’s no secret that Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is the Darth Vader of fashion. (Remember that “60 Minutes” segment where she fessed up to telling Oprah to drop twenty pounds for her 1998 Vogue cover and then called chubby Minnesotans “little houses.”) But Anna has reached a whole new level of meaniness. According to Rihanna’s close friend, Wintour had been talking to Rihanna about doing a Vogue cover for weeks. At the Met Costume Gala on May 4th, Wintour supposedly told RiRi that Vogue “absolutely loves her and really wanted to work with her.” But as soon as nude photographs of Rihanna (maybe?) were leaked on the internet, Wintour stopped returning Rihanna’s calls.Obviously, Rihanna is super disappointed as the cover would have been a huge deal—and not just for her career, but because so few black women (i.e. six) have graced Vogue’s cover, including Michelle Obama, Jennifer Hudson, Halle Berry, and Beyonce. [Celebitchy]

Um, it’s not like these were the first nude pictures of a celebrity to leak onto the internet. I’ve seen Sienna Miller naked more times than I’ve seen myself in the buff, and she’s had at least four Vogue covers! I mean they let Miss Cali keep her crown—doesn’t Rihanna deserve some love?