Sweet Overload: 15 Ways A Guy Can Overdo It

When it comes to dating, what many women would see as charming, I find repulsive. From nauseating nick-names to gag-worthy gifts, I’m often left wondering, Is this guy for real? While I love a caring man, I also love my space. Sometimes, sweet becomes just a little bit too sweet (yes, it’s possible for a guy to be too clingy). Is the new guy you’re dating cute, or is his behavior so sweet it’s mildly repulsive? Find out after the jump.

Winking at me from across a crowded room Winking at me when I’m the only other person in the room
Taking care of me by bringing me soup when I’m sick Taking care of me by pouring water from your glass into my glass after every time I take a sip
Calling me “babe” Referring to me as my name + “angel”
Buying me earrings Buying me earrings that are green and blue because “those are the colors of our birthstones”
Talking to me nicely Talking to me in the voice you talk to your cat in, when in bed
Asking me if I’d like more cake Giving me more cake when I said I didn’t want it because “I look hungry”
Asking me what gets me off Telling me I should read an article your mom suggested on how to have an orgasm
Telling me you care about me Whispering “I think I’m falling in love with you” when you (mistakenly) believe I’m sleeping
Sleeping over once in a while Begging me to sleep over because you can “no longer sleep without me”
Telling me you like me Telling me that you’ve tended to like the women you’ve dated more than they’ve liked you
Friending me on Facebook Changing your status to “in a relationship” after three dates
Calling me occasionally Being the only one to initiate the calls, and initiating them 3x a day
Letting me share your umbrella Insisting I take your umbrella while you get soaked
Taking me out on Valentine’s Day Writing me a poem about how we’re made for each other on Valentines Day
Complementing me on my eyes Telling me my eyes shine like the stars and that my skin is “creamy like butter” (true story)

Am I an anti-romantic, or would these things make you want to, um, puke as well? Tell us about your sweet vs. too sweet experiences in the comments!