Diva Kate Gosselin Puts J. Lo Out Of Work

Kate Gosselin’s been on nine magazine covers in the last month alone, her show premiere had almost 10 million viewers, and her long-in-front-party-in-the-back hair style is the hottest ‘do since Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel.” And now, Ms. Thing is continuing her world domination by out-diva-ing major diva Jennifer Lopez. According to reports J. Lo was in talks with TLC to have her own reality show but didn’t want to have her children on air, and instead wanted to focus on the behind-the-scenes workings of launching her latest perfume. Yeah, apparently TLC thought that was kinda lame, too. So when “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ killed it in the ratings on Monday, the TLC peeps shelved the J. Lo show entirely. Brutal. True, the show sounded way snooze-worthy, but J.Lo is (was) an A-list celeb, so to get pushed out of the way by an octo-mom from Pennsylvania, shows the creepily awesome power/popularity of Kate Gosselin.

Dude, she’s starting to scare me. I think we need to call in Victoria Beckham to put the smack down on Kate. Posh—the original icy-mom-with-a-pixie-cut—would cut Kate to shreds with one robotic glare. That’s it. I’m ringing Posh now, Kate must be stopped. [TMZ via Guanabee]