Who’s America’s Sexiest Comedienne?

Obviously, we are big Tina Fey, Amy Sedaris, and Aisha Tyler enthusiasts. So we immediately clicked on this Huffington Post poll about 15 of the leading ladies of funny. But—wait—it asks readers to rate the women on their looks? Even HuffPo acknowledges that it’s a “poll of ridiculous proportions.” Sure, these women are beautiful. But it’s their wit, slapstick antics, and all-around hilariousness that stole our hearts. So while we wished they asked, “Who’s the funniest comedienne?” we decided to take a look at the current rankings. What we found may surprise you.

  1. Tina Fey: No shock here. Fey is gorgeous (did you see her January 2009 Vanity Fair cover?!), and she tickles our funny bone like no one else out there.
  2. Amy Sedaris: Sedaris knows that good food + good humor (no pun intended) = the way to our hearts. Case in point: I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, Sedaris’ awesome cookbook.
  3. Sarah Silverman: This funny-lady convinced peeps to get their grandparents’ tushes to the polls for Obama. Oh, and she also landed the cover of Maxim.
  4. Aisha Tyler: Tyler made history as the first female, black host of E!’s “Talk Soup” and also appeared on “Friends.” Did we mention she’s also take-your-breath-away gorgeous?
  5. Amy Poehler: Number five? For realsies? Come on, people. This Baby Mama is hilarious and hot. Bump her up in the ranks!
  6. Kristen Wiig: That’s no wig on Wiig. Well, not unless she’s doing one of her spot-on impersonations of Drew Barrymore, Jaime Lee Curtis, or Katherine Hepburn. Number six, really? Don’t make us Wiig out!
  7. Samantha Bee: Bee always bring her A game. Even her profile on The Daily Show’s website cracks us up.
  8. Maya Rudolph: Rudolph, not to be confused with that eponymous reindeer, is always hilarious. Not to mention hot and preggo with baby number two!
  9. Margaret Cho: Get cho clicking fingers ready to rate Ms. Cho a bit higher. She started performing standup at 16, and she’s kept crowds roaring ever since.
  10. Ellen DeGeneres: Number 10? This is so ludicrous, we can’t even address it. We’d understand if this was on a scale from one to 10, but it’s not, so move our girl Ellen up!
  11. Chelsea Handler: Have you watched “Chelsea Lately”?? We don’t think so, because there’s no way this hilarious, straight talkin’ comedienne would come in at number 11 if you took a gander at her.
  12. Ellie Kemper: Um, she plays a hot receptionist on “The Office.” Funny, but not #12 worthy.
  13. Beth Littleford: There’s nothing little about Littleford’s repertoire. She was the first female correspondent on “The Daily Show” and she’s been rocking our funny socks off ever since. And where looks are concerned, she has plenty to offer. Bump her up!
  14. Maria Bamford: We like her a lot–just not at number 14.
  15. Sherri Shepherd: No, no, no, no! Shepherd provides us with a breathtaking “View” five days a week—and we can’t get enough of her as Angie Jordan on “30 Rock.” Move her way up!

Also, we can’t help but notice some ladies missing from the list. We’re also casting our votes for Wanda Sykes, Mindy Kaling, Cheryl Hines, and Susie Essman.