“The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”: Danielle Staub Is The Ultimate Villainess

I was kind of skeptical about whether the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” would be able to bring the drama. After watching last night’s episode, I have no more worries. Sure, Jacqueline Laurita needs to get a backbone, and Teresa Giudice doesn’t seem to do much more than spend money, but Bravo hit the mother lode with Danielle Straub. Compared with the other housewives, including the ones in Orange County, Atlanta, and New York City, she is the ultimate villainess. Don’t let the coy smile fool you. Danielle, as one of the most divisive characters, had it totally right when she said, “You either love me or you love to hate me, there is no in between.” At this point, I don’t love or hate Danielle as a person, but I do love the drama she brings. Danielle already has an arch rival, the blond and buxom Dina Manzo. But Danielle isn’t concerned with bringing about Dina’s demise, she just wants to be her — a successful, wealthy, and remarried divorcee. And in a weird way, her jealousy is what motivates her attempts to be friends with Dina. But she’s not above trying to strangle her nemesis with a hug.

Danielle is all about the cash-money. Since she doesn’t have any marketable skills — unless she can get a job as an indoor rock climber — Danielle’s main goals in life are to get her divorce settlement and marry rich again. Let’s face it, she was only attracted to boyfriend Steve, with his slicked comb-back, because of his potential worth. She made the mistake a lot of women make when trying to keep/please a man — she used sex. But when things were obviously wrong, she had the brilliant idea to break up with Steve in front of two other couples. That’s one way to go down in reality TV history! Thankfully, Jacqueline and Teresa talked her out of it, but not before she vulgarly explained what she’s good for.

Danielle is hardcore. She works out like crazy, and just in case you were unsure about her ability to endure pain, she allowed Bravo to tape her Botox and lip plumper injections. Hey, she’s got to maintain those evil Cruella De Vil eyebrows somehow. If Danielle and Dina ever came to blows, Danielle would definitely win.

I can’t wait to hear about her sordid past chronicled in Cop Without a Badge. Her stripper past really isn’t something to get riled up about, but connections to a Colombian drug cartel, prostitution, and kidnapping are great for reality TV. Danielle definitely knows how to bring the drama and she is what makes “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” entertaining.

Do you love Danielle, or do you love to hate her? Let us know in the comments.