Did You Watch Simon Doonan’s “Beautiful People”?

Why, oh, why don’t we have cable?!?! We missed the first episode of Simon Doonan’s new show, “Beautiful People,” a BBC series that ran for the first time stateside last night on LOGO, the gay and lesbian network. Simon is Barney’s creative director, as well as our favorite style writer (we heart his “Simon Says” column in the New York Observer, plus numerous books), so this is kind of like a nerd missing the midnight showing of “Star Trek.” “Beautiful People” is a six-part TV series based on Simon’s book, “Beautiful People,” which was originally published in the U.S. under the title Nasty: My Family And Other Glamorous Varmints. But the story is not about Simon’s fab fashion adventures at Barney’s, or as hubby of furniture designer Jonathan Adler. It’s about a younger Simon growing up as a budding geigh with stars in his eyes in working-class Reading, England, with a family that would make the Lohans look normal.

Accompanied by his best friend, Biddie, a show tune-loving Simon hightailed it out of rural England to the bright lights of London as soon as he could, full of ambition, searching for the “beautiful people” with glamorous lives he could glom on to. And of course, London didn’t quite work out that way for him—but he befriended plenty of punks and freaks instead. Sounds adorable.

Did any of you catch the show on LOGO last night? What did you think? Don’t make us too jealous! [SimonDoonan.net, LOGO, BBC]