Pregnancy Is Not Stopping Women From Knocking Back A Few Cold Ones

Whenever I see non-alcoholic beer on the menu at a restaurant, I always wonder what kind of crazy, misguided person would order such a thing. Well, I found out recently when I went to a bar with my friend who is preggers. She’s missing the beertastic taste of her fave booze, so she ordered up a non-alcoholic beer and began sipping away. A few minutes later we looked around and realized that people were staring—or rather, glaring—at her. I guess it looked like she was swigging away with little regard for the bun in her oven?

Although these bar-goers had the wrong idea, way more women that you’d think sip the real stuff while they’re pregnant. A recent study shows that 12% of women drink alcohol while they are pregnant. Considering that more than half of non-pregnant women don’t drink at all, this number is high. Pregnant chicks ages 35 to 44 are the worst offenders. Almost 18% of these women drink up. Interestingly, less than 9% of pregnant ladies ages 18 to 24 chose to drink. Hmm, not what you’d think, considering that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is still the leading cause of birth defects in the the U.S., even though it’s completely preventable. So the big question is, can you drink at all while you are pregnant? While many doctors say the occasional glass of wine is cool, the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say NO! Both recommend that you stay away from alcohol completely during pregnancy. Also interesting—just because you popped the baby out healthy doesn’t mean you should celebrate with a toast. Drinking while breastfeeding can eff up your baby’s motor skills. Damnit. I was already dreaming of that post-birth margarita. [ via MSN]