A New Ink Makes Tattoos Almost Removable

We’ve spent the last week laughing at Hayden Panettiere’s misspelled tattoo. Perhaps if her tattoo artist had usedInfinitink, she could have gotten that mess fixed. Infinitink is a new type of tattoo ink that uses small amounts of pigment to create the same look as regular inks. The big benefit? If you ever decide you’re not feeling your tattoo, it can be removed in one laser treatment rather than, say 12. [Time] It seems like the market for tats that are easier to shed is high. Time says that dermatologists all across the country are fielding more requests for tattoo removals. Will Kirby, a Beverly Hills doc, says that, just over the past year, his tattoo removal business has increased by 20 to 40%. What is the number-one tat that people want to be rid of? “Ex-lovers’ names is the most common request, says Kirby, who has zapped such unfortunate choices as ‘Slippery When Wet’ and ‘Try Me.'”

What do you think? Would you opt for an Infinitink tattoo? Have you ever had a tat removed?

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