In Bed With Carla Bruni: Nudie Pic Of France’s First Lady For Sale

What’s better than the real Carla Bruni, dressed head-to-toe in Dior, as the first lady of France? Carla Bruni, 16 by 24-feet tall, dressed head-to-toe in nothing, as the subject of a 1994 nude portrait by American photographer Pamela Hansen.

Called “Carla Bruni in Bed,” the photo is, not surprisingly, an image of Bruni, well, in bed. But we’re not talking about the sort of “in bed” that you and I practice, complete with rumpled pajamas, day-old makeup and quite possibly a dirty sock static-clinging to the sheets. We’re talking mid-’90s-supermodel-dating-Mick-Jagger-at-the-time “in bed.” It’s totally different. And totally hot. But while Bruni is reportedly displeased about the upcoming auction of the portrait in Berlin next week, a source inside the Élysée Palace told French news site Le Post that President Sarkozy “has made it clear he has no problem with this because he knows that the only images of his wife in existence are tasteful.” We’re with Sarkozy on this one. Not only is Carla being unfair in asking that a hot pic like that not be sold, but she’s also being unrealistic in thinking that becoming the first lady means her past as a model will disappear.

More to the point, why would she want it to? Bruni was—and remains—a beauty icon. We wouldn’t expect her to be tarting it up for nudie pics now that she’s 41 and a first lady, but she should definitely own up to the ones she’s already taken, particularly because they’re quite lovely. [Daily Mail]