Katy Perry Plays Shun, Shag, Or Marry

So I guess we’re not the only ones shunning, shagging, and marrying? On a recent Australian radio show, “Kyle and Jackie O,” Katy Perry was posed the familiar question: Shoot, shag or marry? The players: Pete Wentz, Benji Madden, John Mayer. Perry didn’t take long to answer. “Well, Pete seems like a really good dad, as of lately. So no offense Ashley, if you believe in multiple wives, I would marry Pete.” Okay, agreed. Then she followed up with this: “I don’t know if I could marry John Mayer, it would just be so intense. I’d definitely shag the s**t out of him though. I can go on record saying that.” Whoa. John Mayer, I’m sure you can get Katy’s number. CALL HER. [X17]

Of course, that left Benji. “I guess I’d have to shoot Benji, he’s a nice guy, but someone’s got to go down.”
Want to know other celebs who’ve played? Howard Stern is known for throwing the question out to guests, although he naturally calls it “F**k Marry Kill.” He once posed the question to Wilmer Valderrama, having him choose between three alleged exes: Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Wilmer said he’d shag Mandy, marry Lindsay and kill Jennifer. But Howard’s sidekick Artie called his bluff and said he’d probably just sleep with them all. No surprise there.

“How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris, also played. His lineup? Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise and John Travolta. “I’d probably f**k Stallone, he seems more like…a guy. I’d probably marry Tom Cruise, because of all the money and I’d kill Travolta.”

Oh, how I love this game.