Rappers Run Out Of Bling, The Recession’s Gone Too Far!

You might think you’re hurting in the econo-slump, but just imagine if your job was to broadcast and rap about how wealthy you are? Apparently the rap industry and corresponding bling-iverse is in trouble since no one can afford white gold, diamond-encrusted giant Jesus head pendants any more! They have been forced to downgrade to smaller jewelry pieced glittered with cubic zirconia. 50 Cent recently accused rapper Rick Ross of wearing fake diamonds, which Ross vehemently denies. The Wall Street Journal says the “Bling aficionados fret that the art of ‘ice’ is being watered down” as jewelers are crafting faux bling with lower karat gold and man-made rocks. Even dental plans are in danger, there’s a website called sellyourgoldteeth.com to melt down grillz! As relatively unknown artist Doggie Diamonds the interview king says, “If you admit you wear fake jewelry, it is over for you. It’s like bragging you drive a Lamborghini when you really drive a Toyota.” [WallStreetJournal] Maybe the face of rap will be forced to change and rappers can talk about nice things now? What should rappers rap about now that excess has become excessive? My vote’s on kitties or their moms.