Shoot-Out Bachelorette Parties For Shotgun Brides?

What’s the worst thing about being a pregnant bride? Duh—you can’t drink at your own bachelorette party. Not to worry. Gun-play mecca Open Range has your back. “Are you running out of time to plan your bachelorette party?” asks a new ad. “Your bachelorette party is sure to go off with a bang at Kentucky’s coolest indoor gun range & paint ball arena.”Yup. They went there. And I thought regular bachelorette parties were weird? I’m picturing a bunch of overheated, pregnant brides-to-be with aching backs and swollen ankles firing AK47s, unwrapping diaper bags and breast pumps, eating cake, and totally not looking all that much like the very young, very blond, preggo girl in lingerie pictured in the ad. Who is the target market? Bristol Palin?

Even worse? If you need a place to have your wedding before your water breaks, Open Range can help with that too. According to their website, “Nothing says ‘I do’ like a machine gun on full auto.” So call and ask about their Shotgun Wedding package. Sounds really romantic. But for oh so many reasons…”I don’t.” [Buzzfeed]