“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Movie Remake In The Works

You either are or love someone who is a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan. For me, it’s my best friend AJ who once wrote “Buffy” fan-fiction and will never live it down. But in saying you’re a Buffy fan, everyone agrees it means you love the TV show, not the 1992 movie. (Which I argue was amazing purely on the basis of Luke Perry.) Yesterday, it was announced that a second “Buffy” movie is in the works—magical words fans of the show have been waiting to hear since it ended six years ago. But they were chagrined to discover that “Buffy” scribe Joss Whedon is not at all involved in this new project. Instead, the remake will be the brainchild of Fran and Kaz Kuzui, who produced the original movie. Oh, and Sarah Michelle Gellar will not be starring in this new flick. Nor will their be any Angel, Willow, Xander, or Spike in this new slayer universe. [HollywoodReporter] Fans are already up-in-arms over these new revelations. But even though Whedon is the mad genius behind the franchise, the Kuzuis own the rights to the concept since they bought them off Whedon when he was a nobody. The Kuzuis say they haven’t ruled out the idea of involving Whedon—even a million years later, he’s still churning out best-selling “Buffy” comic books. Since “unto each generation, a slayer is born,” the idea for the movie is to pick a new slayer and group of friends who help her fight off vampires. The look and feel of the movie will be darker, and they hope to make into a series of flicks, a la “Spiderman.”

All I can say is, if these vampires are sparkly, I’m gonna bite a biotch. The same applies if Hayden Panettiere is cast as Buffy…cause that just seems like something they would do. Don’t the Kuzuis realize that they might be the emperor, but Joss is the clothes? People actually own t-shirts that say “Joss Whedon Is My Master.” Seriously, there will be a giant goth-geek riot if precious “Buffy” memories are tarnished. What do you guys think, is there any way this movie is not going to be a disaster? Will you go see it regardless or adamantly refuse out of loyalty to the show?