Album Drop: The Newest Releases From Mandy Moore, Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, And Jenny Owen Youngs

It’s new release Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin. After the jump, Mandy Moore gets back to basics by embracing her real name. Phoenix rises again. Grizzly Bear proves for once and for all that they’re ladykillers. And Jenny Owen Youngs shows girly music can be the dopest.

Phoenix, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Until now, this Parisian foursome’s claim to fame has been that frontman Thomas Mars is Sofia Copolla’s baby daddy. But Phoenix’s fourth record is so tasty, we bet Mozart would be honored they named it after him. Its easy electronic ecstacy has already made tracks like “1901” insta-classics, and dare we say the song of 2009? With the band’s bumpin’ beat and disco euphoria, its definitely the kind of album the men in MGMT get down to. But will they see that same level of success for this polished gem of a record? Well, at least we can always count on Phoenix having plenty of groove to go around.

Mandy Moore, Amanda Leigh
Mandy Moore’s claims that with this record, baby is all grown up, but it takes more than a new sophisticated look to convince us. Certainly, you must know you’re not goin’ that deep when you call out the names of each day in the chorus of “I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week.” Alas, while most of the world seems to be falling for her lines, Mandy is poppin’ out the same ol’ bubble gum— only this time the fake-folksy songs sound is more dated than the singer. Her tracks would make great opening credit themes for ‘70s sitcoms. Mandy can try to play edgy singer songwriter, but when you’re Ryan Adams’ wife, you just can’t be all that upset.

Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest
In reality, Grizzly Bear are actually softer than teddy bears. Ah, Brooklyn boys that “Ooo” and “Ahhh” together are dreamy. This angelic record will take you to cloud nine with its playfully Church-like crooning. These are the kind of quirky, slow jams that seduce you, gently.

Jenny Owen Youngs, Transmitter Failure
Youngs’ sophmore record is sweet hotness. If you’re down with Feist and Metric, then you will love her. Known for her mellow cover of “Hot In Herre,” her own happenin’ harmonies and rockin’ indie melodies keep the beat flowing on tracks like “Led To The Sea.” Jenny has made the kind of ladylike album a gal can admit she likes to her boyfriend. These adorable toe-tappin’ tunes are sure to make you dance goofy and smile all summer long.