Ask The Astrosexologist: Can My Virgo Crush Get Over Our Age Difference?

I don’t know what to do about my Virgo coworker (9/09/77). I’m a much younger Taurus (5/09/87), and he’s been flirting with me since November. He stares at me often — to the point that other workers have noticed and commented. Most of the office assumes that there’s something between us, but we’ve grabbed dinner after work only once (and fast food hardly counts). I’ve asked him out on a few occasions, but he always declines. He says he has issues caused by an ex, who was also younger than him, that he’s still broken up about. Apparently, she left him after he got laid off, and she broke his heart.

He told a mutual friend that he thinks I’m very attractive and that he does like me, but he won’t date me because of the age difference. Personally, I think that age doesn’t matter. I hold a higher position, despite being one of the youngest in our office, and usually act more mature than he does. Is there something more that he won’t own up to? Am I missing something? Is there some way to show him that age is just a number?” – Too Stubborn to Give Up If this Virgo man can’t see beyond the rules and has said as much, then the only thing you can do is hear what he is saying and realize that he’s not the guy for you. You can’t change anyone, and even if you could, you wouldn’t be happy with the results. As a Taurus, you’re a dreamer who loves the impossible, but in this situation, you are only asking for frustration. Taurus women love to work at love, but that doesn’t always mean they get what they want — and working for love isn’t always the healthiest attitude, as there should be a sense of effortlessness with the right love. Plus, you deserve a guy that wants you and will tear down walls to get to you!

Sure, this guy is a fun person to flirt with while passing the time at work, but he can’t get over his ex. Plus, he’s your subordinate! There are just too many signs that this relationship would not work. You seem like an adventurous type, while he is a typical Virgo that likes to stick to rules and overanalyzes everything in search of an excuse. This guy whom you idolize is not who he really is. It has nothing to do with age either, it’s just the circumstance.

Don’t let your youth waste away waiting for this guy to get it together because the best thing you can do for yourself is to find new blood! On June 1, Mars, the planet of sex, passion and ambition, heads into Taurus, making this the best time to hit the town and meet new fellows. Even if you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find that prince, going out there to at least flirt will put you in a whole new mindset. You want a man to be chasing you, not the other way around, because for a girl like you — a double earth sign (sun Taurus, Moon in Virgo) — you need a man who will initiate, take you out of your comfort zone and really show you an adventure. So mark June 1st down on your calendar — chances are it will bode fantastically for you. In no time, the Virgo will be just another office fixture that you leave behind at 5 pm.

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