Sliding Scale: Seersucker & Strappy Sandals

Seersucker: it’s crisp, it’s WASPy and it’s the perfect print to wear as you chase the Kennedy grandkids out of your heirloom tomato patch. Or pretend to, at least. Anyone and everyone can wear seersucker—ideally with no small amount of irony. Here’s four looks we like:

  1. Perfect your “I feel for the working class” face underneath this sappy newsboy cap. (No one needs to know you actually are the working class.) [$19.50, Gap]
  2. This summer you’ll need a cotton cocktail dress—just be warned Grandmother may not approve of that halter top. Really, what would the Junior League think? [$26.99, Charlotte Russe]
  3. A pink one-piece with a flirty flower at the breastbone is the perfect bathing suit for sunbathing on the dock. [$76, J.Crew]
  4. Nothing says preppy like a blazer, especially one with three-quarter sleeves. It’s ideal for buttoning up over last night’s walk of shame outfit—oops!—when you simply must make an appearance at the lawn games on Sunday. [$89, L.L.Bean]

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Not into S&M but want to get in on the action? (We kid—slightly.) Try these super strappy sandals with dominatrix vibes.

  1. We love the toe-strap detail on these. [$175, Dolce Vita,]
  2. A back zip closure allows for easy-in, easy-out. [$148,]
  3. If you want to scale back the look, go for these less-ornate lovelies. [$85,]
  4. Add a touch of rocker style with gold metal clasps. [$29,]