Senator Feingold Loves Wilco And Four Other Rockin’ Politicians

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold loves cheese, and he has great taste in music. In fact, the politico posts videos featuring the bands he loves in “Fein-tunes.” This month, he sang the praises of Midwestern indie group Wilco. It’s proof that sometimes Washington can back more than legislation. It can back that ass up, too. [Pitchfork] Some other famous politician fans and the bands that helped let freedom ring:

  • Talk to the Hand. Barack Obama is Beyonce’s biggest supporter. He asked her to sing “At Last” at his inauguration ball. Barack knows the moves from “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).” [HuffPo] And this video of him impersonating the queen B will ave you saying “Oh-oh-oh!”
  • Mac Daddy. Former President Bill Clinton loves Fleetwood Mac. The Commander in Chief didn’t merely bring America together. Mac members agreed to reunite to play “Go Your Own Way” at Clinton’s Inauguration in 1993. Amazingly, the experience brought them back together for good, and the Mac has since toured and recorded again. [Rock And Roll Hall of Fame] — The campaign song was so inspirational, it showed the band, “Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow.”
  • Banded Together. After you spend your career as Bob Dylan’s backing band, they went on to back Jimmy Carter. The Southern hippie president was tight with blues brothers, The Band. In fact, he was such a fan, one of the last waltz’s they recorded as a group was a cover of “Georgia on My Mind” for Carter’s ’76 presidential campaign. [BambooWeb] — Their version is so good, we’re glad Carter got The Band to give peace a chance.
  • Girl Groupie. Former body builder and action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger looks tough, but he has a soft, feminine side that likes the girliest of girl groups. The Governator was spotted shaking his groove thing at a Spice Girls reunion concert in 2007. [People] — We’re glad they got the chance to tell the politician what they really, really want.