If You Have to Grill, You Should At Least Look Good Doing It

Memorial Day Weekend is upon is and we’re more excited about the barbecue bit than anything else. While I definitely won’t be doing any cooking —I’m prone to burning myself in even the safest of situations—I definitely will be standing near the grill decked out in my cooking finest looking like I could be of use. It’s a tricky and foolproof plan.

Join me, won’t you?

  1. A girl can’t make a sweet-ass kebab without skewers. When wooden sticks won’t cut it, use pineapple-topped concoctions, instead. [$22, Williams Sonoma]
  2. Don’t screw up your sundress with barbecue sauce and grill-grease gone awry. Protect it with an apron almost as cute as the dress. [$38, Kim Soles, Anthropologie]
  3. Skip the massive amounts of dishwashing with plastic cutlery. This stuff looks almost like the real thing but costs next to nothing. [$.66/combo, MrTakeOutBags)
  4. A dark-plaid picnic blanket will keep you clean and camouflauge any spills. ($24, PicNicFun.com]
  5. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be grilling every weekend and you probably don’t need a massive set up in your back yard. This portable, fold-out grill will save you space and money. [$170, Iroda, Cooking.com]
  6. Don’t burn those fingers—or ruin that manicure. Get yourself some oven mitts. [$12, Williams Sonoma]
  7. Okay, so this may be going a little too far, but the chef’s hat totally matches the apron! It’s like the Memorial Day version of matching bra and panties. [$5, TheChefHat]
  8. Because the little things matter, grab a sauce brush to match your grill. This one is made of silicone and can withstand about 800-degrees of heat. Bitchin. [$15, Le Creuset, Amazon]