Save Blossom and ’90s Fashion!

Remember “Blossom“, the ’90s sitcom featuring a single dad, his quirky teen, and her closet of floral dresses and hats? Children of the era will forever look to Blossom as a past fashion icon, so we couldn’t help but gasp when we heard that Mayim Bialik, the show’s star, is now set to appear on an episode of “What Not to Wear.” It looks like Mayim is still walking around in flowy dresses and braids, and we’d like to say, more power to her! Here’s how to get the Blossom look—albeit slightly updated. Wear those Doc Martens with pride!

  1. The floral print on this dress isn’t too retro, and the elastic waist nicely shows off your figure. [$26.99, Charlotte Russe]
  2. Blossom usually wore a bucket hat adorned with a sunflower, which would be pretty hard to pull off. Instead, try this softer version. [$265, Eugenia Kim,]
  3. The look wouldn’t be complete without these iconic kicks. [$109.95, Dr. Martens,]
  4. Every cool kid of the ’90s had a jean jacket. [$29.90, Forever 21]

Photo Credit: Charlotte Russe, Eugenia Kim,, Forever 21